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"Every time i see your face i want to kiss you
I don't know what it is, but evertime i say good bye i already miss you
it's not love
i don't what that is, I don't know what this is
i just know who we are
that's all i want to know
and so i guess it's true
I'm really happy just knowing that i know you."
-The Way It Is, The Yellow Lights
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i was wondering...

for those of you with significant others.. do you celebrate on all the dorky little anniversaries, or just the big ones? like me and my boyfriend.. every month on the 19th we say happy (insert year/month/whatever) anniversary to each other. i was wondering if i was the only dorky one who remembered it everrrrry single month.. or.. yeah hehe

tomorrow is our year and a half anniversary though.. that's an important one, right? hehe